Welcome to the first of (possibly) many sevens: lists highlighting seven people or things that share some common characteristic.

The rules of this particular list will be:

  • Remixes of movie and tv themes.
  • Must include at least a sample of the original track (i.e. no cover versions).
  • The original must be a great track in its own right.
  • The remix must also work as a great track for anyone who hasn't heard the original.

The items won't be presented in any order, and they might not even be the best examples that meet the requirements.  They're simply seven instances that I think have merit, or are interesting in some way.

So here's the first track that meets the above criteria:

Original Artist Original Version New Artist New Version
Bernard Herrmann 
Day the Earth Stood Still
Timo Maas
Help Me (Radio Mix)
Composer Hermann's spooky avant-garde soundtrack was far ahead of its time, and has rightfully become a cult classic.  DJ Maas took Herrmann's best bits and put them seamlessly on top of a danceable track featuring singer Kelis, perfectly maintaining the original's mood and feel while still sounding thoroughly modern.

Posted on Sunday, July 22, 2007
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