Continued from Part 1, here's the next two items:

Original Artist Original Version New Artist New Version
Roy Budd
Get Carter Main Theme
Deadly Avenger
Get Carter Main Theme (Remix)
Several Get Carter remixes came out in 1999 in order to ride the marketing wave for Stallone's remake. Surprisingly, most of them were quite decent, perhaps because the sparseness of Roy Budd's original theme lends itself easily to reinterpretations. If I had to pick just one, I'd go with Damon Baxter's remix, which didn't just use the main theme but also other bits from Hallucinations. The result stands by itself, but is also quite evocative of the original soundtrack.

Original Artist Original Version New Artist New Version
Henry Mancini
Pink Panther Theme
Chris Manning
Pink Panther Theme (Malibu Remix)
As with Get Carter, the Pink Panther sountrack was also revamped in 2004 to take advantage of the marketing campaigns for the Film Collection DVD Boxset and the Steve Martin film. The original Mancini theme is very tough to change due to its strong personality and internal structure. This version by Chris Manning (probably an alias for Henry's son Chris) delivers the best that can be reasonably expected from an impossible task, with the Shag-tastic video making up for any shortcomings.

Posted on Sunday, August 05, 2007
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