Once in a while, I get snail mail from entities in California which still have my contact information.  The worst is undoubtedly California's tax octopus, which greedily tries to keep its tentacles around individuals long after they've ceased to live there.  But thankfully, more pleasant items do make their way across the country to my mailbox, and today I found a card from Los Angeles inviting me to preview the Aston Martin DBS at the local dealership.  The DBS is best known for its faked appearance in the film Casino Royale, but the genuine article will be launched later this year and will be featured in the forthcoming Bond 22.

Aside from the confusingly ambiguous DBS name (which duplicates that of a late 60s model), I have mixed feelings about the visuals of this new Aston Martin.  It seems to continue a tradition of incremental changes on top of Ian Callum's brilliant 1993 DB7 design, which guarantees a pleasant form but isn't exactly a risky or groundbreaking approach.  Still, it's a supercar, and therefore much better looking and more exciting than most other vehicles on the road.

Since I'm 3000 miles away and can't go, via this post I'd like to transfer my invitation to any well-dressed readers in SoCal with good taste in cars.  If you're not doing anything on November 13th at 6pm, it might not be a bad plan to pop over to the dealership to check out the DBS before it gets unveiled to the general public a few days later at the LA Auto Show.  Follow the RSVP instructions below to confirm that they aren't overbooked and will let you into the event (if the text is illegible, click the image to enlarge).

Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007
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